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About Us

We provide tools, products, platforms, and services to perform deep strategic analysis based on big data reduction, processing, and analysis. Our tools are based on advanced algorithms for data and network analysis and visualization.


System Integration

We integrate your operational and tactical systems into a strategic decision support framework aligning your technology investments and resources to your strategy.

Complex Systems Analysis

We help you analyze and understand the complex interactions between your company and the changing environment, identifying the highest valued initiatives.

Innovation Management

We specialize in helping companies discover and apply innovative ways to assess risk and uncertainty in order to make the best possible strategic investments amidst uncertain market forces.

Risk Management

We provide you with the concepts and advanced knowledge to make high-quality decisions and embrace risk and uncertainty for competitive advantage.

Business Strategy

We work together with your organization to develop and implement innovative, agile strategies for your multibusiness corporation, for a business unit, or for products, assets, technology and bidding..

Process Design and Optimization

We help you identify the right scope of the decision and at what level of the organization should it be addressed.


We have developed a specific platform to meet yours and ours needs: Analygen DSS. Our platform integrates advanced algorithms for decision support strategies which include AHP, fuzzy logic, complex decision network analysis, data gathering, data reduction, data processing, conversion of data into information, generation of knowledge from that information, and selection of the optimum decision for the scenario under analysis.