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Market Analysis

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We can help you in designing and deploying a Marketing Decision Support System (MDSS) that meets your needs.

Surviving in today’s business environment calls for faster and better decisions. Marketing decision makers are increasingly drawing on computer-based Decision Support Systems (DSS) to help marshal the vital information that they need to make informed choices.

Today's world is a complex one and constitutes a problem domain involving classification, recognition, and prediction. Analygen DSS helps decision makers in navigating the decision space by gathering, analyzing, processing, and turning data into valuable information from which market knowledge can be drawn and further turned into sound strategic decisions.

Considering the multi-faceted demands of the marketing domain and the myriad sets of available marketing data, it can be very difficult to draw anything relevant from the available data because of the unrelatedness and non-linearity of marketing data. The strength of a neural network is its ability to obtain the relationships of non linearly dependent variables and there is where Analygen DSS comes to the rescue.

Compared with other traditional statistical methods, neural networks require only minimum knowledge to the problem’s structure and no prior knowledge of the statistical distribution of the data is required because the network develops an internal relationship between the variables. All these make neural networks particularly suitable to complex classification problems in which the mapping rationale is either fuzzy, inconsistent, or completely unknown. Most business and marketing applications can be considered to be classified under fuzzy classifications, and this is the area that neural networks can be of service.